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The most necessary thing to keep in mind is that the casting process is not a simple and straightforward process, rather it comes with various stages such as pattern making, molting metal, molten liquid pouring, the process of cooling, removal of metal, and at the end cleaning the products or parts. Moreover, when a part is produced after the casting process, it also goes through an inspection stage where its quality, design, and shape are inspected.

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Our materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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Foundry and metal castings

One has to know the fact that metal casting is one of the oldest processes used by humans with regard to fine art and manufacturing. It is even said that the process is 7000 years old, which shows how solid and authentic this process has been for so many centuries, and still evolving with the passage of time. When metal casting is handled in a foundry, there are two major elements used in the process, one is a metal cost object, and the other is a molten motel which is actually in a crucible form, and then it is changed into a mold.

The mold and metal both go through a cooling process, then the removal of the metal object is done and a finished product is made. The best part of metal casting is that foundries can use a number of approaches for casting which have been developed over the period of time.

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