How to Find a Reliable Chinese Foundry

China’s manufacturing industry is famous for global buyers because the country is one of the global sources of quality goods and reliable suppliers of die casting products. There are even foundries in China that offers rock bottom prices but still come as quality goods.

Foreign buyers may find Chinese suppliers challenging. Many consider the language barrier a factor in finding a reliable Chinese manufacturer.

Fortunately, most manufacturers are able to attend to companies worldwide and have been in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years.

Where To Find Chinese Suppliers and Manufacturing Companies

If you are looking for potential Chinese suppliers, there are many places where you can choose from many suppliers and find reliable one.

Trade Fairs

China, known as the world’s factory, holds a biannual Canton Fair every spring and autumn. Import and export trade fairs like these offer good opportunities for Chinese suppliers, trading companies, and foreign buyers.

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The Canton Fair welcomes manufacturers in China to offer raw materials, die casting services, and many others. Some China suppliers even provide free samples to the attendees to test the product quality and know the product specifications of the materials.

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The event happens twice a year at the Canton Fair Complex, which was formerly known as the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Pazhou Island.

Search Engines

The easiest way to look for a Chinese supplier of raw materials and services for die casting is by using the search bar on the internet. You easily find suppliers by searching for a company name or looking up online directories.

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Though this is the easiest way, looking for a reliable Chinese supplier online can be risky. Made in China consumer goods can be easy to find, but the challenging part is looking for the best supplier among online sellers.

You should be aware if you are dealing with a manufacturing company or a trading company. There are trading companies that advertise themselves as a supplier. Because of this, instead of getting the best price, you might be spending more on middlemen.

Using an online supplier directory may help you with finding a reliable supplier.

Find Good Suppliers from a Sourcing Agent

Many Chinese suppliers can be found on the lists of sourcing agents. A sourcing agent will identify and validate suitable suppliers. Different manufacturers in China offer their own low prices, shipping costs, and product qualities.

If foreign businessman is looking for global sources, they are most likely to join trade fairs or seek help from a sourcing company. With the help of a sourcing company or a sourcing agent, you can increase your chances of dealing with the best manufacturer of metal castings in China.

A supplier directory may include all the helpful information about China suppliers. You may get their contact details to schedule a factory visit or ask for the die-casting or steel-casting services they are providing.

Marketplaces for a China Supplier

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Many Chinese suppliers use the B2B marketplace to make deals with other businesses. From these digital platforms, you will be able to identify which companies offer materials at a low cost.

Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are just some of the B2B marketplaces where you can find a reliable supplier for your foundry.

Consider Finding Small Chinese Manufacturers

If you are planning to source bulk projects, you may seek assistance from a local agent to direct you to small Chinese manufacturers.

If a Chinese supplier is just starting, they tend to give discounts if your production request is higher than its minimum order quantity. Getting more than the minimum order can help you get the lowest prices in the manufacturing industry.

You will not only receive quotations at low prices, but you will also be able to help small-scale Chinese factories grow their companies.

Visit China to Find Suppliers

With the growing manufacturing industry in China, you will be able to find manufacturers in any part of the country. A factory visit may help you identify a Chinese supplier that will be able to meet your needs and requirements.

You will be able to see the manufacturing facility and the processes the China suppliers are practicing.

A China supplier is often associated with other foundries. If you have a specific requirement for a project and your current supplier was not able to provide it, they may help you find reliable suppliers that can attend to specific requests and requirements.

Steps in Finding a Chinese Supplier

Chinese suppliers are proven to provide product quality, especially die castings. Looking for one is easy since there are sourcing agents, especially if you need one immediately.

If you are looking for your next reliable Chinese supplier and have time to prepare, here are the steps to finding Chinese suppliers for your next project.

Know What You Need

To start looking for a Chinese supplier, you must have completed the list of your requirements and the factors that you will look for in choosing a supplier.

Some of the things that you need to consider are the turnaround time of the production, the composition of the die casting that you need, the delivery time, and most especially, how much your budget is.

Knowing that you and your potential supplier are on the same page will help ease all communications and transactions in the future.

Research Company Names of Chinese Suppliers

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A list of Chinese suppliers can easily be found online. Most of these foundries have their own websites where they inform people about the products they are offering.

There are different manufacturers that offer different products. Find Chinese suppliers that can provide most of the products that you need, whether you need iron castings, aluminum die casting, carbon steel casting, or stainless steel casting.

Contact Your Potential Chinese Suppliers

To know which die or iron casting supplier you should make a deal with, you have to compare the foundries first.

Creating a checklist that includes the factors that you are considering will help you identify which one can provide the best product quality at a low cost. Quotations can easily be asked by reaching out to these foundries through their Contact Us page, calling their office, or visiting their factory.

You can inform them about the requirements and special requests that you need. Once these foundries have finalized their quotations and terms, you can compare their offers and conditions that may affect the payment scheme or delivery of the products.

Choose a Foundry as Your New Supplier

Now that you have collected the information you need, you can easily compare the pros and cons of each foundry. The main factors that you need to consider are the payment scheme, delivery process (especially if you are overseas), and other terms and conditions they have presented.

Global buyers should consider the ease of payment these foundries offer. Do they only accept full payment for the products before the process of casting starts? Do they offer different payment methods, such as Wise, Western Union, or international bank transfers? These are the questions that a foreign buyer may consider.

Validate The Credentials and Experience

If the foundry is a start-up, it does not mean that this supplier is not capable of producing quality goods. However, there are also more stable foundries that have been in the manufacturing industry for more than ten years and have established a good reputation with their clients.

Whether it is a new foundry or a more established one, knowing their experience, reviewing their current certifications and permits, and reviewing their client reviews will help to avoid being scammed or receiving bad quality castings.

Reasons Why You Should Find Chinese Manufacturers

They Offer a Complete Solution in Die Casting or Iron Casting

Many foundries offer a complete solution to your projects. Usually, the casting process in a foundry starts with designing castings and ending it by delivering them to the end user.

If the shipment is overseas, there are certain papers to be prepared, which may be required by immigration. Sometimes, these companies prepare the paperwork, so the products can reach the end user without any delays and inconvenience.

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They Have The Appropriate Manufacturing Facility

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The manufacturing facilities of a foundry can ensure you that they can produce the best quality products. Foundries in China have modern equipment to provide the needs and special requests of their clients.

It is recommended to visit the manufacturing plant first before closing the deal. Knowing that the manufacturing plant of your potential supplier has the most appropriate equipment, you will have peace of mind when it comes to quality.

Aside from that, the manufacturing facilities will also ensure that the products will be delivered to you are made using the appropriate processes

They Can Do Mass Production

Aside from having an appropriate manufacturing process, using the appropriate equipment can prevent delays during the production process. Because of that, products will be delivered from your Chinese supplier to you on the agreed deadline, or better, even before the set date of delivery.

Chinese suppliers can deliver products on time. It means that you will be able to ask for more orders quickly, which can be important if the consumer demand is high.

The manufacturing Process Include Quality Control

Chinese people are meticulous. Whether the products ordered are complex or can be cast easily, these products will undergo quality control.

This process will ensure that there are no wrong sizes or any defects to the iron and aluminum casting. A product that did not pass quality control but still reached the market can create a negative impression on both the foundry and the client.

Customer Support

Chinese suppliers care about long-term partnerships with their clients. Once a new client reaches out to any of your contact details, the initial contact should be made immediately.

In addition to that, the mastery of products and after sales service is the support a client needs for the potential new foundry.

Difference between a Trading Company and Manufacturing Companies

Trading Companies Only Act as Mediators

When searching for a Chinese supplier online, you need to be careful about ending up with trading companies.

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These past few months and years, trading companies have been identified as not reliable and are committing fraud. Usually, trading companies post their businesses as manufacturers.

Consumers dealing with trading companies tend to pay more than requesting products directly from the manufacturing plant.

Consumers would not know that they are dealing with a trading company unless they have researched the company thoroughly or have used the help of a sourcing agency.

Manufacturing Companies Do All The Work

Chinese suppliers have their own manufacturing plants where all the processes happen. It starts with sourcing the raw materials, creating the casting design, and doing the casting process.

Consumers who want to cut their costs get the products directly from the manufacturing plant. With this, they will not have to pay for a middleman, and they will be able to ask for more discounts on bulk requests.

Compared to a trading company, a manufacturer operates in a specific and local place. A trading company usually deals with overseas clients and handles all the communication between the manufacturer and the client.


Getting a list of foundries in China is easy. The country is known to be the world’s factory when it comes to die casting. Many foreign companies consider China as a global source of the best quality castings at low prices.

Even with the large availability of foundries, getting a reliable one is hard. There are manufacturers who are not able to deliver products on time, and there are some who do not look after product quality, especially in mass production.

The best place to find a reliable foundry is to reach out to a sourcing agency or participate in trade fairs. A sourcing agent has evaluated a foundry to ensure that it can cater to client needs before they are referred.

As for trade fairs, you can be sure that you are communicating directly with the manufacturer. It is also a great opportunity to discuss your requirements and needs to know if they can deliver the work you need.

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